Jul 28, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 154: Adventurers v.2 #2, March 1988

I am unfortunately not in possession of Adventurers v.2 #1. Either of them. It turns out that there were two different editions of the first issue produced, each featuring different story pages. I'm not sure what to make of this kind of marketing. To my mind, producing one over-sized first issue would be the way to go, including all of the introductory material. The "limited" version was released two weeks earlier, and featured character bios and an introduction not featured in the "regular" edition.

That said, each issue of Adventurers, thus far, has featured a comprehensive "The Story Thus Far" section, making jumping into the story remarkably easy. I know I was a bit hard on this title the last time I was reviewing it, but meeting up with these characters again was actually quite nice. I am curious as to what has occurred in each character's life to get them to the point of reuniting once more, as this story takes place some years after the first volume of the series. But in the absence of that information, to simply see a maturation in each character attests to the care given to the story by the creative team.

The art in this volume is far less-shadowy than the original run, owing I would imagine to the addition of inker Steve Stiles to Kent Burles' art. I'm not quite convinced it's as effective as Burles' solo art, but I'm willing to give it a go.

As our intrepid heroes push on into a jungle filled with Chaos Beasts, so do I push on into the collection. Coming up on half a year of this project, and I'm still finding cool things to read, and not losing my enthusiasm. I've a few more theme weeks in the works, mainly to cover myself once I return to teaching in the Fall. Again, I'd like to offer my thanks to those of you who pop by and give me ramblings a once over, and to once again open the floor up to suggestions of features you might like to see, or perspectives on the comics you might want to hear.

See you tomorrow.

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