Jul 16, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 142: The Eternals: The Herod Factor, 1991 (Two Weeks From The Dollar Bin - Day 6)

Look at that cover.

Just look at that cover.

Now, I like Mark Texeira's artwork. His work on the Marvel Knight's Black Panther series is amazing.

But just look at that cover.

That there epitomizes everything you can say about Marvel Comics in the early 90s. The desperate attempt of a major comics company to emulate the rock star artists that they alienated and who left to form Image Comics.

I had given up comics at this point in time. I missed the Image explosion by about 2 years, so my knowledge of early-90s Marvel, or early-90s comics, is pretty sketchy. And I think I like it that way. I've, of course, gone back and tracked down some bits and pieces from this era. This Eternals comic was actually on my list, as I have a soft spot for the Eternals. Their links to Von Daniken's work, and to ancient mythologies obviously draws me, but it's really pretty bad. You can see some of the lovely Texeira art poking out from underneath, but he really seems to want to be ToddMcJimLeeLarson. There some really brutal violence and over-reactive poses here.

I can see the 90s being a source of much amusement over the course of these 40 years.

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