Jul 8, 2015

Artists to Check Out

I love that the advent of the World Wide Web has enabled such a wonderful sharing of art in all kinds of media. But I think the one that I had the least contact with in pre-Internet days was visual art. I am happy to remedy that now.

Benjamin Anders: There's a whole school of visual artists now whose styles grow from having grown up on the Bruce Timm DC cartoon series. I love that style, and I love the aesthetic that has grown from it. Mr. Anders is definitely of that lineage, but he takes it to a very interesting, possibly even more stylized, place. I'm imagining him illustrating a season 3 Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic.

Mel Milton: I know very little about Mr. Milton, but look at this picture. There's a story going on there. It's lovely, and a bit ominous. She's looking at something horrendous that the Joker's doing, isn't she?

Emma Geary: Simply breathtaking art. I don't even know what else to say. Have a look at her blog and her store and marvel at how gorgeous every aspect of every picture is.

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