Jun 22, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 118: Klarion #6, May 2015

And so we reach the end of Klarion, and I have to say I find myself slightly confused. Not that the story confused me, but the characterization of the main character is a bit weird. Maybe that's the point, but I'm having a hard time telling whether we should actually like Klarion or not. It kind of has that Dexter vibe to it, in that he's pretty much a complete sociopath who's trying to fit in. But not trying quite as hard as Dexter does.

Anyway, the story wraps up, which is always a nice thing to have in an ostensibly prematurely cancelled comic. Klarion, for all his bluster of tooling about the Multiverse in the first issue seems content to stay where he is. Which is actually one of the things I can't quite figure out about the series. I had a quick flip through the Multiversity Guidebook, and I can't find an Earth in the Orrery that fits the setting of this series. I'm assuming it's some magically protected quarter of Earth 0, but you never know. I know that this is one of those oft-mocked continuity-geek questions, but if we consider what it is that DC and Marvel are engaged in right now with their big events (Convergence and Secret Wars, respectively), it seems that reminders of continuity are of paramount importance at the moment. Where, then, is Klarion?

(Okay, the thought occurs just now that the processes that both fictional universes are undergoing might actually be the view internally of what the revision wave trope from Supreme looks like. I'll think on that more.)

The nice thing is that at the very end of the issue, we have the thoroughly optimistic "The End...?" That question mark is hope, is the potential that we haven't seen the last of the witchboy, the promise that his adventures continue, regardless of whether or not we are witnessing them. The fictional universe, through punctuational tricks like this one, takes on a life of its own.

It was nice to dip my toes back into the DCU. I've missed it, and the kinds of stories that it has the potential to tell. Moving on tomorrow I'm going to look for something weird, an indie comic of some sort. Enough of this mainstream! Let's see exactly what kind of strangeness is hidden in the collection. See you tomorrow!

(Edit: I lost numbering here. Was originally published as Day 119.)

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