Jun 16, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 112: The Adventurers #8, September 1987

What does it say about me that the first issue of this series that I've really enjoyed is one where a couple of the main characters meet grisly deaths?

This issue made great use of caption boxes to give us some internality for the characters, virtuous and villainous, juxtaposed with relentless action sequences, and gave a splendid example of the way that the words and pictures of this hybrid medium can work together. The prose was deeply poetic, something I would not have expected given the previous issues of the series that I've read, so it was a nice surprise to open up something very different from what I was expecting this morning. Now I'm feeling more invested in the story, in the characters, and in what's happened to them previously. Not that this means that I'll go back and re-read, or get the missing issues. It's more like what I was mentioning about Barry Allen or Hal Jordan the other day, in that one can be nostalgic for something that wasn't really that great based on the treatment that something receives at a later date. Which, for all intents and purposes, is what nostalgia actually is.

There's only two issues left in this first book of The Adventurers, and I have a bit more complete a run of the second book. Troublingly, the editorial in this issue claims a 20-issue storyline for Book 2, but only 9 or 10 issues, including a zero issue, were published. Ah well. I can't hope too much for completeness in my project, but I find it's easier when I only have one or two issues of a series, rather than a whole run minus 2 or 3 issues. I'm a soft touch when it comes to getting invested in a protracted story line.

Back to Klarion tomorrow (which I actually started reading today until I realized it was an Adventurers day). I'm hoping, too, to get caught up on some of the articles I've been meaning to write over the last few weeks, and I'll post links to updated and completed posts like last time. That aside, I'll see you tomorrow.

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