Jun 28, 2015

Live-Post: Sunday Afternoon Comics - Belly Button Comix #1

European comics are so strange.

I try these days to pick up something a bit out of the ordinary when I'm dropping a bunch of cash on comics. Fantagraphics never disappoints as far as "out of the ordinary" goes. Weird biographical comics about a woman living in Paris. There's a lot of ennui and angst, which sometimes feels like a bit of a cliche in comics like this, until I realize that cliches become cliches because they are, for the most part, true. I feel ennui and angst sometimes. I wish I had comics to let it out into.

Last one for today. I've got Empire: Uprising and Annihilator to read, but I'm going to reread the stuff leading up to the new issues first. Also picked up an Atomic Robo graphic novel, a Rick Veitch graphic novel, and the Man-Thing movie prequel.

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