May 16, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - Day 81: Miracleman #3, November 1985

Yep, that says number 3, just like yesterday. I missed the fourth issue of the reprint series, but fortunately I have an old, torn-cover copy of number three from the Eclipse run that contains the same stories that were in the fourth Marvel issue.

The end of the "A Dream of Flying" storyline, exciting, though not unexpected, revelations about Miracleman, Young Miracleman, and Kid Miracleman's origins and identities. I'm quite excited to see how this plays out with the title character. In true Moore fashion, things that have happened earlier in the story were actually clues as to the true nature of the Miracleman family, like the way in which Young Miracleman dies, or that Kid Miracleman is still a 13-year old. Similar things happen in Supreme, so again I'm having a hard time not seeing the one as response to the other. Is Supreme what happens to superhero comics after a deconstructive moment in the medium? It seems to me that it's an ironically-reconstructionist superhero we get. I think that that's a pretty good way of calling it a myth.

So. Book 1 fnished. I'm going to have a look at the Supreme run and see if I can break it up into four discrete components, the way Miracleman is. See you tomorrow with Supreme #41!

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