May 20, 2015

Crosspost from Facebook

(I should explain this. I occasionally wax lyrical about comics on Facebook, when I feel I have a spontaneous sort of thing to say. I'll crosspost here if I find them to be remotely interesting. In my, y'know, humble opinion ;P I'll also add pictures and links to the stuff I'm talking about.)

Forgot to mention I picked up some supercool comics stuff while away in Radium with T___​, C____​, and J____​. We went to a used book store where I found 3 more volumes of Footrot Flats, an awesome comic about a man and his dog from New Zealand. I discovered it a couple of years ago, but I never thought I'd find any more of the collections. By a dude named Murray Ball. At the same store I also found a British comic strip collection by Steve Bell called Further Down on Maggie's Farm, a badass mid-eighties protest comic starring Margaret Thatcher. And then, on the way home we stopped, as I am wont to do, at a thrift shop, and I found a collection of Sam's Strip, a comic strip from the 60's about a guy who runs his own comic strip. Metafictional political newspaper comic strip from 1962? Don't mind if I do.

(FORESHADOWING: Sam's Strip is going to be the inaugural title on my "Graphic Novel Monday" some time soon.)

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