Apr 22, 2015

Return of...The Horror from the Dollar Bin!!!

It's been a while since I did a Dollar Bin!!! post. But, honestly, that Lady Supreme comic raised the bar pretty high. And I actually have not come across anything quite so bizarre and just plain bad in any of the dollar bins I've raided in the last little while. But with my 40 Years of Comics Project up and running, I live in hope of discovering some real stinkers in the near, and far, future.

But then I thought, Hey, why does a dollar bin horror have to necessarily be a comic? If we expand our scope of comics collecting a bit, could we include toys?  Maybe little plastic Happy Meal toys, since they usually don't cost much more than a dollar, especially at thrift shops and garage sales.

So I found something just...weird.

I call it Naughty Spider-Man.

Yes, you're seeing what you think you're seeing. It's Spider-Man holding a large, white....something that appears to be protruding from his genital region.

It's not a trick of the camera angle. He really is doing that.

Naughty Spider-Man has a little button on his back. And who can resist a little button to push?

Oh. I should have resisted. Spider-Man has just shot a rope of sticky web fluid from his crotch.

Digest that for a moment.

On the bottom of his foot is a Burger King logo, so this was actually packaged in kids' meals.

Dang. I think I raised that bar again.

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