Mar 16, 2015

The 40 Years of Comics Project - A Note on Organization

I had mentioned in the introductory ramble that I would at some point explain, albeit briefly, the way in which this collection that I'm reading is organized.

The following are the ways in which the collection is broken down in my database:  Alan Moore Collection, Animal Man Collection, Basement, Frank Quitely Collection, Grant Morrison Collection, Jonathan Hickman Collection, Magazine Boxes, Sage's Room, Steve Gerber Collection, Storage Collection, Supreme Collection.

These all correspond to locations in which the respective pieces of the collection are housed. The Moore collection is actually obsolete now, as I've filed his works back into the greater collection. The "Storage Collection" category replaced the "Garage" category I used to use when the majority of my collection was stored in our garage back in Ontario. The "Basement" delineation, which I think I'll have to change, refers to the pieces of the collection that I keep close at hand that don't fit into one of the more narrow criteria of the collection. This would include comics that I'm currently collecting that don't fit in to one of my writer/artist sections, or older comics that I'm enjoying and want to have close to hand. Works that will be playing a fundamental part in my research fall into this category, and it is called "Basement" as these were the comics that stayed inside the house, as opposed to the "Garage" collection.

I notice, having outlined this, that I don't have a "Doom Patrol Collection," "Avengers Collection," "Superman Collection," or "Batman Collection," even though these works are separated from the greater body of the archive. In my database, all comics having to do with the Doom Patrol are labeled as such, but more than likely are included in the "Basement" collection. As I go through the collection over the next few decades, I imagine the refinement of this system will be one of the larger ancillary projects I'll undertake.

Also of note, I use the Comic Collector program, but I'll make an admission here: I use a bootlegged version that my Dad got me years ago. One thing I'm concerned over is that this version won't work when I finally (finally) get around to upgrading my operating system. Further, having used the program for so long, I feel like I really ought to pay for it. It's an amazingly useful program, and if you're looking for something to keep track of your comics with, I highly recommend this versatile application. But what happens if the new version I buy doesn't recognize my older file? Much as I enjoyed the process of cataloguing my collection, I'm not sure I have it in me to start again from the very beginning.

That's enough of that for now. I'm sure I'll find time to elaborate on the various bits of the collection as we encounter them.

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