Apr 21, 2008

Why I Love Grant Morrison

A short video clip and transcript of Grant Morrison's Q&A at the New York Comicon. The video's good, but his last answer about the last issue of The Invisibles is just wonderful.

"Superman, Batman, they're much more real than we are — created long before any of us were alive. Superman is still vital and young and communicating to people. When we're dead and gone and dust, there will probably still be a Superman. And the world that they inhabit is a two-dimensional world. You can pick up different comics from his whole span of existence, but it's all still there. I began to imagine: what if there were things above us, on a hyper-cube level, if there were people who could look down on us like we look down on Superman, and see the entirety of our lives?"

Full interview at io9.com.

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