Feb 22, 2008


So, here's the thing. I love comics. All kinds, shapes, and sizes. And I'm going to talk about them here. I'll offer opinions and editorial, appreciations and reviews. I'll apologize in advance if my stuff offends your favourite writer/artist/hero/book/whatever, or if something clashes with your sensibilities. I'm extremely liberal in my views on sex, politics, religion, and other such inflammatory subjects, so in as much as those have to do with comics, I'm sorry if I offend.

In commenting, I'd ask that you keep belligerent behaviour to a minimum. I'm interested in discussion, rather than argument.

I've a few things I'm working on right now to post here. A four-part essay called "Flex Mentallo and the Ages of Comic Books" is in the planning stages. I'm going to start reviewing comic book shops in Southern Ontario (where I'm based), concentrating away from Toronto, and more on the stores in surrounding towns and cities. There'll be "floating features", reviews of comic shows in the area, bargain basement treasures, stuff like that.

While I'm working on new stuff, I'll post a few old pieces.

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