Feb 22, 2008

Comic Book Sites I'm Grooving On #1

The first of those "floating features" I was talking about. Every time I've got a good amount of cool sites to post, I will.

The Doom Patrol Review
A comprehensive listing of appearances by the Doom Patrol or it's members covering the period from 1963 to 2003, prior to John Byrne's ill-conceived reboot.

Jenny Everywhere
An open source comic character. I had a small hand in her creation, and she's been very successful. I have a couple of unproduced scripts in the Articles and Writings section.

Inferno Wikipedia Entry
Inferno is one of those crossovers that I have a soft spot for. Back when the soap opera of the X-Men was at it's height, it's one of the few that I'm trying to track down all the issues involved.

Cerebus Timeline
An ostensibly complete timeline of events in the universe of Cerebus the Aardvark, starting from the very beginning. A brilliant tool for the volumes of internet essays and discussion that are likely to spring up around Dave Sim's masterpiece.

Comic Book Database
Super useful.

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